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*all prices are for labor only, cost of parts is additional.

Estimates are always free. We take quality of service seriously. All repairs come with a 30 day warranty. 

We pay our employees a base wage of $15 per hour. This is 15% more than the industry average. Our prices support our work ethic, and our mission to provide a livable wage to KCR employees.  

Our staff is small so you'll always know who serviced your bicycle.

*All of our work comes with a 30 day warranty and any adjustments during this time are always free!

Tune Ups

Kids Tune $45

This covers cleaning, lube, grease, and minor adjustments for the whole bike.

Tune up $85

This covers cleaning, lube, grease, and minor adjustments for the whole bike. Includes wheel truing, and a flat fix or cable repair.

Intensive Yearly Tune $150 (This is not your average tune!)

This covers a complete bath in our parts washer of all bike parts, plus lube, grease, and full adjustment of the whole bike. Includes comprehensive wheel true, complementary installation of pads, gears, chain, cables and housing installation, aligning gear hanger, and handlebar wrap installation. Want more? Add $15 if you want to swap out your handlebars too!

                 Full overhaul $225            

Overhauls include: stripping the bike to the frame, cleaning the frame and fork, cleaning or replacing all drivetrain parts, overhauling or replacing all the bearings, and the contents of the Yearly Tune.  The goal of this service is to return your bike to “like new” condition.

Services by Category

Comfort fit (aka Up-righting) your bike $85-$15

We install a new upright handlebar, stem, brake levers, grips, shifters, and cables/housing. We recommend replacing any worn parts, or just having a tune up with this service.