Yes you read that right, we are having a %50 off sale of everything in the store! Everything! Omg, I know, right!?!

Sat Dec 20th, and Sun Dec 21st!

Two big days, but really I wouldn't want to miss Sat, most of the good stuff will probably get bought up.

So come on by and buy a bunch of stuff and help us celebrate tax season by not having so much taxable assets at the end of this year.

* Sorry, this sale doesn't apply to stuff in the frame-builder area such as anything from Compass Bicycles, or T.A., hand-built wheels or any of our tools or personal parts collections that aren't for sale, no really get out of there! Sheesh, we're not going out of business, we're just having a really really good sale!

*Yes, new and used parts! No, not special orders, just the stuff we have in the shop.

*We keep our sale bikes "out" of the store. On the sidewalk, so they aren't part of the sale, but we give you some kind of good deal on them.

*We will be swamped selling stuff and finding stuff and figuring out what people need to buy during the sale, so unfortunately we will not have time to install the parts and accessories you get such a great deal on. Will be able to during our normal business hours the week after the sale.

*We never had a second first anniversary party, so I'm thinking this can also act as a temporary one to hold us over. So feel free to bring beer and snacks. I know I will!

See you all Saturday :)



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