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Now through the end of February were doing %20 off all parts and labor for complete overhauls, including overhauls with new color, and frame modifications!

Your bike looking and feeling a little neglected, or you want a custom build. Upgrade your bike, or make your next bike exactly what you want it to be.The last half of Jan and the month of Feb is our slowest time. That means fast turn around! We especially love doing full overhauls with new color.
we offer full overhauls/new builds/custom builds with, (or without), color services.
What we do is talk to you about everything you want your dream bike to be whether it's the bike you're ridding now, or the bike you want to buy. Then we strip the bike to the bare frame, you take it to the powder coat place and pick your favorite color, (I never know till I'm there looking at the wall). Once it's done being coated we do all the frame prep and clean up and then build your bike up fresh replacing all the worn out parts and fully overhauling all any of the old parts you want to keep that are still usable.
When everything is said and done your bike is truly one of a kind and like new!
We also recommend taking advantage of our frame building services by making any changes you would like before getting the new color job. We can add rack mounts, brake bosses, fender eyelets, water bottle mounts. The sky is the limit!
We're offering %20 off all parts and labor for this service through the end of February!!!!! I know right! Labor and parts!
*discount good toward our huge selection of new and used parts in the shop. Special orders will unfortunately have to be full price.

*first photo courtesy of Glady's bikes (don't be mad i stole it)

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