Kenton Cycle Repair



Does your bike need some Love?

We’re service experts and here to help. Here’s what you can expect when you bring your bike into our shop:


Step 1

Bring your bike to the shop.

Step 2

Tell us what the problems are.

Step 3

We’ll assess your bike.

Step 4

We’ll tell you what’s wrong, what your repair options are, and provide you with an estimate.


You’ll love your happy bike.


Need pick-up or delivery?
We do both! Ask us about it when you schedule your service.




Sunny day check up

Includes: safety instpection, minor adjustments to the brakes gears and wheels. Lube the drivetrain and air up the tires. Even a Test ride! Great for newer bicycles that have been parked for a few months or are used infrequently. We can provide an estimate for any additional parts or service needed.


Seasonal tune

Our standard tune up service includes servicing and adjusting all the systems of the bicycle: brakes, shifting, bearings and wheels. We’ll make sure there’s grease or lube where it’s needed and even do a bit of cleaning. Additional service cost for installation of parts, add $5 per item.

$110 + parts

Annual Service

Our most popular service includes: SeasonalTune + thorough cleaning of the drivetrain parts in our magic parts washer. Also includes the installation of commonly needed new parts: chain, gear cluster, brake pads and cables/housing. Your bicycle will be shiny, super happy, and at least 20% faster.

$180 + parts

The chain and rear gear cluster wear at about the same rate. If your chain is worn, we’ll probably recommend replacing the cassette or freewheel as well.

Wheel / Tire

Flat repair

Tube: $7 Installation (most wheels) + $13 = $20

Wheel truing starts at $20

Spoke replacement starts at $35


Brakes / Shifting

Adjustments to Brakes and Derailers

Brakes: $15-$25

Shfting: $15-$25

Yes, we service hydraulic disc brakes!
Brake bleeding is $50 per brake (mineral oil only)



Install new fenders

Most bicycles: $20

More challenging or custom installations: $25-$55